RBSL support for Boxer MIV programme strengthens British Army and the industry in the UK

United Kingdom-based defense engineering company Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) plays a key role in the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MoD) Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme.

For over 50 years, HUBER+SUHNER has been trusted to solve the defense industry’s most difficult design challenges spanning RF, fiber optic, and low frequency communication. We are proud to serve industry leaders across the globe with enabling solutions that meet stringent requirements for performance and safety in the most demanding of severe environments. (Image source: HUBER+SUHNER/Getty Images)

A reconfigurable solution to serve a variety of military missions, roles, scenarios

Under a GBP 2.3 billion contract between the UK MoD and OCCAR – a joint venture between Rheinmetall and BAE Systems – RBSL will produce 272 of the 500 new 8x8-wheeled Boxer MIV all-terrain, armoured transport vehicles for the British Army. With a unique design entailing a drive module and a mission module, the Boxer MIV can be quickly adapted to suit various military missions, roles, and scenarios across many theatres of operations globally. The MIV programme also enhances the UK supply chain, ensuring that the country has the skills and expertise to support the vehicles throughout their operational lives. The mission system electronic architecture – essential to system integration, future upgrades, and expansion capability – is connected by radio frequency and low frequency cable harnesses from HUBER+SUHNER – one of several companies supplying cables.

Over half of the 500 new Boxer MIVs commissioned by the UK MoD will be produced by UK-based RBSL. (Image source: RBSL)

Gearing up to bring the Boxer MIV to life

RBSL’s immediate key challenge is manufacturing and delivering the first Boxer MIV in March 2024. To make sure that happens, the company’s employees worked tirelessly to prepare for the first day of manufacturing. RBSL has made significant investments in new manufacturing capabilities; advanced facilities, tools, and information technology infrastructure; and recruitment of personnel and specialist training to bring together a supercharged team to drive the project forward. HUBER+SUHNER, an essential part of the UK supply chain, supported that effort by meeting RBSL’s build standards, with its Bicester, UK, manufacturing site earning Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE) accreditation for its radio frequency cables

“This contract is the latest in a series of UK supplier contracts awarded by RBSL for Boxer MIV, ensuring the programme benefits from the best of British engineering and manufacturing whilst also sustaining valuable skills across the country. We are very pleased to welcome HUBER+SUHNER to the team.”

Colin McClean, Managing Director, Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL)
The HUBER+SUHNER military cable assembly for the Boxer MIV which provides for a safe, reliable and mission-critical operation. (Image source: HUBER+SUHNER)

Robust supply chain plays a key role in Boxer MIV manufacturing

With RBSL’s own tenacity – and HUBER+SUHNER’s provision of cable harnesses that will provide safe, reliable, and mission-critical operation –Boxer MIV production is well underway. All parts for the Boxer MIV are sourced through RBSL’s robust UK supply chain, which includes HUBER+SUHNER. RBSL identified HUBER+SUHNER, with its core capabilities and responsiveness to specific electronic distribution requirements, as a key strategic vendor for the Boxer MIV programme and has not been disappointed: With professionalism, competitiveness, and attentiveness, we stepped up to the mark by providing cost-effective, robust technical solutions to meet those requirements. RBSL already looks forward to new opportunities to work with HUBER+SUHNER as new vehicle variants are discussed and developed. Ultimately, thanks to this partnership, the modular Boxer MIV will contribute to the UK’s defense, support economic growth in the country, and level up regional economic opportunity.

“Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities in cable connectivity over the past 50 years has been the core of our success. The Boxer MIV contract in the UK will help us expand capacities and resources at our UK facilities over the next eight years to support this project, generating both an upskilled workforce and additional UK manufacturing positions.”

Reto Bolt, Chief Operating Officer Industry segment, HUBER+SUHNER
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