People and culture from the CHRO's perspective

Patricia Stolz, CHRO

Leadership development and agile mindset

Despite a challenging environment in 2023, our Human Resources (HR) teams continuously nurtured a workplace where people are truly valued and supported. Leadership development remains key and is reflected in new training modules for leaders globally. “Leading Myself” and “Leading Teams” aim to foster effective leaders and teams, aligning with our organisational goals. One important focal topic of the modules is the retention of our employees, with our leaders playing a major role because they can most influence our talents and professionals. We believe that being an attractive employer for new talents is just as important as being the employer of choice for employees already working for us.

Our embrace of an agile mindset, evidenced by new roles like facilitator, agile coach, and product owner, initially took root in Information Technology (IT) and then permeated our segments. This transformative shift represents a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability, which are essential in navigating our ever-changing business landscape.

Talent development and attraction – the foundation of our success

As we celebrated anniversaries in Australia, Malaysia, and China and received honours for the “best career management policy” in Tunisia, we reaffirmed our dedication to creating an environment of professional growth.

Our commitment to learning is also evident in our apprenticeship and trainee programmes. Our apprenticeships in Switzerland and Germany clearly demonstrate that vocational training is as multifaceted as it is appealing. A robust vocational education forms the foundation for tomorrow's skilled workforce and their professional future. The hands-on training we provide in countries like India and Malaysia open up numerous possibilities, specifically preparing young individuals for the demands of the modern working world.

In the realm of talent attraction and especially retention, our benefits and programmes aim for adaptability through our locations worldwide. Tailored programmes reflect our commitment to the ongoing development of our workforce, including those aged 50 and above. Diversity, equality, and inclusion aren't just goals; they're integral to our spirit.

In essence, our employees and their skills and motivation are the foundation of our success. Our investments in their development, well-being, and work environment are a testimony to our firm commitment to their success and the company’s success.

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