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Fail-safe, highly reliable LTE 450 MHz solutions for Germany’s energy future

HUBER+SUHNER solutions support Germany’s transition from fossil fuel power plants to wind, solar and water-based energy sources.

As the transition to renewable energy sources gains speed, so does the need for advanced metering and control of the entire production and distribution network. Of course this requires the reliable transmission of voice and data communication in both urban and rural areas where signal penetration and availability is not guaranteed. This is proven to be most critical in remote locations such as ocean wind parks, offshore platforms, and power plants where operational safety is highly dependent on reliable data transfer over long distances and through harsh environments.. (Image source: HUBER+SUHNER/Getty Images)

Securing the digitalisation of Germany’s critical infrastructure

Spurred by the demand for more reliable and renewable sources of energy, Germany is investing in the expansion of its 450 MHz network platform to support its transition from using 100+ fossil fuel power plants to utilizing over 100 000 wind turbines, solar panels and water-based energy sources. In 2021, and in its efforts to eventually employ 100 % green energy, Germany awarded 450connect, a joint venture backed by major German energy and water utilities, with the responsibility of sole license holder and operator of the country’s 450 MHz radio frequencies for the next 20 years. 450connect will design and equip the network with dependable and fail-safe antenna and connectivity technologies to support the terabytes of data that will enable metering and control of the country’s emerging green energy network.

Overcoming energy and water industry operators’ challenges

Key challenges to bringing that new network platform to life are secure, reliable network communications, robust signal penetration and availability throughout both urban and rural areas, independent of existing telecommunications networks. These factors are especially critical for energy and water industry operators, who depend on reliable voice and data communications. 450connect partnered with HUBER+SUHNER for advanced solutions, including essential antennas and components, guaranteeing reliable connectivity and continuous coverage over medium to long distances, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

“Establishing a fail-safe and highly available 450 MHz platform is the necessary foundation for achieving the energy policy goals. Together with our partner HUBER+SUHNER, we are implementing our 450 MHz network with state-of-the-art antenna technologies to meet the high demands of critical infrastructure operators.”

Carsten Ullrich, CEO, 450connect GmbH

Solutions based on a legacy of technology and innovation leadership

As Germany transitions to the use of greener and more renewable sources of energy, 450connect relies on our long-term evolution (LTE) modern 450 MHz base station panel antennas for the network to guarantee a secure, Germany-wide LTE radio network. Behind these solutions is our legacy of technology and innovation leadership and an established, global team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers ready to help ensure the network platform’s success today and well into the future. Radio services under the new platform will be offered in the first regions of Germany in 2023, with the nationwide rollout set to take place by 2025.

“We are pleased to be part of this complex and exciting project and to provide an important building block with our expertise as an antenna manufacturer. There are hardly any comparable solutions available on the market. With many years of critical communications experience, we know the industry’s challenges and can provide the best possible support.”

Karsten Kretzschmar, Vice President/Market Manager Special Communications, HUBER+SUHNER AG
As Germany transitions from 100+ power plants to using over 100 000 wind turbines, solar panels and water-based energy sources, this new network is paramount in supporting the terabytes of data that will be transmitted as the country aims to employ 100% green energy.. (Image source: Getty Images)
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