4Determining method

At the request of the Nomination and Compensation Committee, the Board of Directors determines in February the compensation for both Board and Executive Group Management members. The compensation is subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting.

This relates to the amount of the fixed fees and post-related allowances for the members of the Board for the coming term of office and the fixed number of shares for the current term of office. For Executive Group Management members, this is the amount of the basic salary for the period from 1 July to 30 June the following year, the target bonus amount and the number of target shares for the current financial year. In addition, the previous financial year’s target attainment (Group financial targets, individual targets, leadership factor as well as the share allocation factor) for Executive Group Management members is assessed and set by the Board of Directors, as proposed by the Nomination and Compensation Committee.

All members are present when the Board of Directors determines compensation for Board members; there are no special rules of abstention. The CEO is present when determining compensation for Executive Group Management members, unless his own target attainment is under review or his compensation is under discussion.

The Annual General Meeting grants final approval of the maximum compensation for the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Executive Group Management (EGM), as follows:

Compensation vote at the 2023 AGM

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