10Quiet periods

At HUBER+SUHNER, the general quiet period starts on the day of the last regular Board meeting of the preceding fiscal year or preceding first half of the fiscal year, as the case may be, and ends two days after the publication of the relevant ad-hoc announcement related to the respective annual report or half-year report.

The following group of persons has signed the “Prohibition of Insider trading” of 22 June 2022 and are affected by the general quiet period:

*EGM plus top ~20 global key positions

The CFO sends a written notification of the dates of the general quiet periods yearly and maintains a list of all affected persons. 

During a general quiet period, affected persons are prohibited from trading in HUBER+SUHNER AG securities or financial instruments derived therefrom, for themselves or through third parties. This transaction block also applies to transactions falling within the scope of an asset management mandate, regardless of the structure of the latter and the agent’s powers.

In addition to the general quiet period, a project specific transaction block in HUBER+SUHNER AG securities may be imposed by the CEO to employees who are aware of specific confidential projects.

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